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sView - Version History (changelog)

Please take into account that this page contains mostly changes reliable to end-user. If you are looking for complete history - please look onto integrations in official git repository.

sView 22.01

23.02 (2023-02-14)

+ Upgraded to FFmpeg 5.1 (Windows).

+ Added setting for OpenAL soft device layout output hint.

+ Added feature displaying 2 subtitles streams in parallel.

+ Added option to load subtitles on opening file.

22.01 (2022-01-16)

+ Added Traditional Chinese translation.

+ Added smoothed (optimized) output option for interlaced stereoscopic displays (improves small text readability).

+ Added handling of deep color (30-bit RGB) on Windows and Linux platforms (on supported configurations).

+ Windows, added multi-touch screen input support.

* Windows, changed non-exclusive fullscreen mode to workaround performance issues on Radoen + 4K display.

20.08 (2020-08-01)

+ Added support for Equiangular Cubemaps (EAC).

* Fixed various issues / distortions on HTC Vive.

* Android, fixed accessibility of some controls (scrolling long menus in landscape mode, subtitles size and position).

* macOS, ported from VDA to VideoToolbox hardware accelerated decoding.

* macOS, minimal supported system is now macOS 10.10+ Yosemite (previous release sView 17.04 supported OS X 10.6+ Snow Leopard).

20.05 (2020-05-20)

+ Added Spanish translation files.

+ Image Viewer - added trilinear texture filtering option generating mip-maps.

+ Image Viewer - support 1x6 cubemap layout.

+ Image Viewer - panorama is now automatically enabled for JPEG files with GPano:ProjectionType tag.

+ Image Viewer - panorama is now automatically enabled for JPEG files with 360Stereo/360Mono tags (game screenshots).

+ Image Viewer - support DDS-packed cubemaps.

+ Movie Player - image-based subtitles size can be now adjusted.

* Movie Player - workaround subtitles seeking issues for attached SRT files.

* Movie Player - fixed ASS subtitles formatting issue on files without closure tags.

* Movie Player - added handling of image-based subtitles encoded as stereoscopic pair (side-by-side).

* Image Viewer - fixed poor quality on saving JPEG (yuv420p) image into PNG (rgb).

* Image Viewer - fixed displaying WebP images with alpha channel (yuva pixel formats).

* fontconfig library is now used to retrieve paths to system fonts on Linux.

19.08 (2019-08-04)

+ Introduced VR180 (hemisphere) and cylindrical panorama input support.

+ Image Viewer now redirects video file to Movie Player and vice versa.

+ Added single-finger swipe gesture for opening next/previous file in playlist.

+ FFmpeg 4.1 support.

+ Android, support background audio playback.

* Android, indicate ultra-wide screen support.

* Android, request SD card permissions in runtime on startup to meet updated Google Play requirements.

* Android, workaround crash on a couple of Huawei devices recieved upgrade to Android 9.

* Android, workaround texture update performance issues on devices with Adreno graphics.

* Android, handle mouse scroll input.

* Windows, fixed scrolling/zooming on touchpads supporting smooth scrolling.

* Compatibility with Ubuntu 19.04.

* Fixed sporadic text formatting issues.

17.10 (2017-10-23)

+ Image Viewer - added Slideshow delay parameter to Settings.

+ Movie Player - added general information about the stream (bitrate, codec, PAR, DAR) in File Info dialog.

+ Android, added support for Commander 3D glasses-free tablet.

+ Android, added PPTV King 7S to auto-detection logic.

+ Android, Image Viewer now uses Volume keys for navigating files in Playlist.

* Movie Player - fixed seeking to the very beginning of the file.

* Movie Player - fixed (workaround) displaying attached image within some mp3 files.

* Fixed text rendering artifacts when using glyphs with kerning defined.

* Fixed compilation on glibc 2.26+ (Ubuntu 17.10+).

* Android, Open File dialog now shows second SD card in hot menu.

17.04 (2017-04-16)

+ Movie Player now handles rotation info stored within video stream.

+ Image Viewer, Movie Player - added overlay control for adjusting image color.

* Image Viewer, Movie Player - fixed too slow opening File Info dialog in case of long metadata.

17.01 (2017-01-10)

+ Added OpenVR library support, including head tracking for spherical panoramas (tested on HTC Vive).

+ Movie Player - added audio positioning while playing spheric panorama video.

* Fixed saving PNG images when using up-to-date FFmpeg.

* Improved mixed HiDPI/normal screens mixture support on Windows 10 (use new Windows 10 API introduced within '2016 summer update).

* Install image for OS X now comes with OpenAL Soft (system OpenAL from Apple has been used before).

* Movie Player - added option to force HRTF mixing in OpenAL Soft.

* Dropped compatibility with Windows XP.

16.06 (2016-07-02)

+ Update FFmpeg to 3.1.1.

+ Android, handle multi-touch input.

+ Android, improve compatibility with file managers and mail clients.

+ Android, add experimental hardware-accelerated video decoding (disabled by default).

+ Movie Player - implement GPU-accelerated conversion of NV12 and XYZ12 formats.

+ Image Viewer - put original filename into save file dialog.

* Movie Player - fix saving playback time of recent file.

* Movie Player - fix tracking playback state for keeping screen on.

* Android, fix crash when closing application on some devices.

* Improve language change without application restart.

* Prevent creation of multiple modal dialogs.

15.11 (2015-11-22)

+ Movie Player - support extended remote control from command line.

+ Image Viewer - read/write sTER chunk in PNG files identifying side-by-side format.

+ Image Viewer - show metadata read by FFmpeg.

+ Support list of files within Drag & Drop. Two files are handled as stereo pair.

+ Android, handle keyboard input.

+ Update OpenAL Soft to 1.17.

+ Update FFmpeg to 2.8.2.

+ Port code onto Oculus Rift SDK 0.8.

* Reduce peak memory usage, improve performance using reference-counted frames.

* Windows, update experimental DXVA2 decoder (supports more codecs).

* Windows, fix cursor hiding within NVIDIA 3D Vision output (Direct3D).

* Android, fix compatibility with some OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers supporting GL_EXT_texture_rg extension.

* Handle Esc key within any context menu.

15.10 (2015-10-04)

+ Support reading cubemaps in format 3:2 (two rows per 3 quad sides).

+ Add button to activate 360 panorama view (from cubemap or spherical panorama videos and images) on toolbar.

+ Add Czech translation files.

+ Android, implement device orientation tracking within panorama mode (requires precise sensors).

+ Android, handle device back button to close active dialog.

+ Add option to automatically workaround aspect ratio of anamorphic 1080p and 720p videos (turned on by default).

* Windows, turn off screen sleep blocking when user session has been locked.

* Improve handling of recent files when file has been selected within automatically generated playlist.

* Android, improve handling of last opened file and settings storage.

* Improve settings processing on Linux and Android - eliminate redundant file store/restore operations and add recovery for broken files.

15.08 (2015-08-29)

+ Cubemap images support (6 sides of the cube stacked horizontally).

+ Added hot-keys configuration dialog.

+ Added volume bar and shuffle/loop buttons to Media Player.

* Fixed issue with HiDPI displays within multi-monitor configurations on Windows 8.1+.

* Updated User Interface - more compact interface, new icons in menu, add scrollbars, improved HiDPI support.

* Improved integration into Ubuntu - fixed missing icons on taskbar.

* Improved touch-screens support.

* Many minor corrections.

14.11 (2014-11-30)

+ Porting to FFmpeg 2.5.

+ Windows, 3D Vision output using Direct3D - use WGL_NV_DX_interop extension when available to improve performance.

+ Preliminary support of Android platform.

+ Added Chinese (simplified) translation.

+ Movie Player - prefer audio stream for active GUI language.

+ Movie Player - add support for 3.0 audio streams.

* Windows - fix window resize issues on monitors re-configuration.

* OS X - restore window title when switch from fullscreen mode.

* Movie Player - improve shuffle playback.

* Movie Player - improve m3u playlist support.

* Movie Player - fix seeking of mp3 files with attached image.

* Movie Player - fix issues on audio streams with unsupported / broken configuration.

* Image Viewer - downscale big images which do not fit into texture limits.

* Image Viewer - fix issue reading some broken JPEG files.

14.02 (2014-03-01)

+ Movie Player - restore playback position on re-opening of big audio/video files.

+ Movie Player, Image Viewer - detect stereoscopic format detection from file name using keywords abq/lrq/halfou/halfsbs (if file doesn't contain appropriate information).

- Movie Player, Image Viewer - disable ambiguous side-by-side stereoscopic format detection from aspect ratio.

14.01 (2014-01-30)

+ Windows 8.1 - adjust dimensions when window moved to monitor with another scale factor.

+ Windows, Interlaced Output - align window position to avoid temporary L/R reversion during window moves.

+ Movie Player - switch to new audio/subtitles track right after attachment.

+ Movie Player - preliminary support of image-based subtitles.

+ Movie Player - process trivial HTML formatting tags (< b > and < i >) in text subtitles.

+ Movie Player - copy shown subtitle text to the clipboard on Ctrl + C.

+ Movie Player - automatically attach audio/subtitles tracks from files with similar name.

+ Image Viewer - parse/save _JPSJPS_ extension section in JPEG files.

+ Image Viewer - show stereoscopic metadata issues (missing, mismatch) in File Info dialog.

+ Added support for new stereo3d API in FFmpeg.

+ Added partial German translation.

+ Added partial Korean translation.

+ Korean and CJK fonts now loaded in addition to Western when required.

* Improved and extended information provided by File Info dialog.

* Image Viewer - read pixel aspect ratio property from image, when available.

* Image Viewer - handle MPO files with big thumbnails (load full images).

* Image Viewer - improved JPEG parser robustness.

* Movie Player - fixed playback of 5.0 and 7.1 audio streams.

* Define Oculus Rift as dedicated device to simplify configuration.

* Fix text characters positioning issue (displacement at second+ displaying time).

* OS X 10.9 - workaround crash in OpenAL framework.

* Improved font searching robustness on Linux.

* Linux - fixed loading of recent files from Gnome recent files menu (URLs with file protocol file:// prefix).

13.10 (2013-10-05)

+ Windows - implemented DPI-awareness for Windows Vista+ and per-monitor DPI for Windows 8.1.

+ Linux, XLib - read Xft.dpi property to scale interface appropriately.

+ Distorted Output, Dual Output - added option to display Mono sources in Stereo.

+ Movie Player - added subtitles font size control and parallax control.

* Movie Player - fixed regression, key 'W' doesn't reverse left/right views.

^ Optimized font initialization time and GPU memory usage.

13.08 (2013-08-18)

+ Mac OS X - Introduced support for high pixel density displays (Retina).

+ Added option to scale GUI.

+ Movie Player - new Audio/Video synchronization control.

+ Movie Player, Web UI - added audio volume control.

+ Added icons for source format menu items.

* Fixed memory corruption on deletion of last item in playlist (file deletion).

* Mac OS X - Fixed application hang during fullscreen->windowed on Mountain Lion.

* Mac OS X - Corrected events' timing (wrong behavior of holding key events).

* Various improvements in GUI.

* Fix version information in DLL files.

13.07 (2013-07-28)

+ Porting to FFmpeg 2.0 (new APIs, planar audio frames, disable cropping on detected tiled dual 720p in 1080p streams).

+ Detect source stereo format in per-frame basis, when provided by codec.

+ Mac OS X - added experimental support of decoding using VDA (accelerated by GPU).

* Accelerate high-range planar YUV (9/10/16 bits per component) to RGB color conversion (using GLSL).

* Display dual-stream video as stereo only when chosen "Autodetection" source format.

* Workaround problems with wglMakeCurrent() in some OpenGL drivers on Windows (possible memory leaks).

13.06 (2013-06-15)

+ Movie Player - added tiny Web UI.

+ added preliminary Oculus Rift support (stereo output).

* minor fixes.

13.05 (2013-05-25)

+ Movie Player - added menu with recently played files.

+ Movie Player - added hot keys to switch subtitles ('T') and audio treks ('L').

+ Movie Player - added simple playlist widget (Ctrl + L).

+ Movie Player - read stereoscopic tags from WMV files.

+ Added Distorted output for anamorphic side-by-side, over/under outputs.

+ Added Over / Under output mode.

* Linux - fixed XRandr compatibility issues.

* Added FPS meter widget.

* Dual output - extend single window in full-screen mode when possible to improve synchronization.

* Browser plugin - fixed full-screen monitor binding.

* Browser plugin - do not load plugin until it is not visible.

* Improved libraries packaging.

* Keep file playback during output device change.

* Do not create depth buffer when there is no need in it (slightly reduce GPU memory usage).

* Keyboard input handling improvements.

* Improved message box widget (added Close button, added keyboard focus).

* Do not append m3u files to playlist, m3u parser fixes.

13.01 (2013-01-06)

+ Adjust stereo separation within '<' and '>' keys to cover notebook keyboards.

+ Use undo/redo buffer to keep played items order in shuffle mode.

+ Detect display(s) reconfiguration during application work (to correctly launch full-screen mode).

+ Movie Player - added new option to prevent system going to sleep during playback.

+ Movie Player - handle Audio device disconnection during application work.

+ Show dirty information about opened file by 'I' hot-key.

* Shuffle playback - generate random order rather than the same pseudo-random order.

* Movie Player - fixed seeking in paused state.

* Movie Player - fixed switching between audio streams with different frequency.

* Fixed saving of BMP image in PNG format.

* Mac OS X - fixed opening file within Finder when sView already started.

* Mac OS X - fixed key combinations within Shift and Ctrl buttons.

* Fixed displaying of stereo images with different dimensions per view.

* Fixed regression - window position didn't restored after application restart.

* Linux - workaround bugs in some drivers (Catalyst) when window content doesn't redrawn after switching back from full-screen mode.

12.10 (2012-10-03)

* PageFlip output plugin - show on-screen warning (require full screen mode).

* Browser plugin - download preview image when not in full screen mode.

* Browser plugin - improved thread-safety.

* Browser plugin - improved browsers compatibility.

* Output plugins - reduced memory usage.

* Movie Player - fixed possible crash on exit.

* Removed dependency from GLEW.

12.09 (2012-09-16)

+ Added support for webp/webpll images (using libwebp 0.2).

+ Added audio gain control.

+ Setup icon for sView window on Linux (XLib).

+ Interlace output - added option to disable binding to compatible monitor at application start.

+ Dual output - added menu for slave monitor selection.

+ Show Display Aspect Ratio in Image Viewer too.

+ Preliminary support for reading playlist in M3U format.

+ Added experimental ActiveX component (likewise NPAPI plugin).

* Improved compatibility with Max OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (removed redundant dependency from X11 libraries).

* Improved backward seeking in movie player.

* Switch audio device (OpenAL) without application restart.

* Improved compatibility with some OpenAL implementations.

* Image Viewer - reduce FPS for inactive window.

* (Internal) removed dependency from patched FTGL.

* Improved text layout.

12.06 (2012-06-06)

+ Introduced support for Mac OS X (with some limitations, Intel x86_64 CPU required).

+ Added AMD HD3D output support (for shutter glasses, Windows-only).

+ Added simple Blend deinterlacing filter (Movie Player).

+ Added French localization.

+ Added tiled stereoformat 720p in 1080p (used by some Europe broadcasters).

+ Introduced UTF-8 subtitles output support.

+ Introduced Debian source package (builds for Ubuntu now available in PPA).

+ Added shuffle play-list playback (Movie Player).

+ Added option to restore Aspect Ratio overridden value after program restart.

+ Added Amber-Blue Dubious filter to Anaglyph output.

+ Added inverse option for Interlaced output (for displays with different left/right lines order).

+ Added full-screen switch button to Image Viewer (to comply with Movie Player GUI).

+ Orientation information now read from JPEG photos to apply automatic rotation.

+ Added option to attach files as additional Audio/Subtitles streams (Movie Player).

+ Added support for 8-bit and 32-bit audio formats.

+ Added playback support for mk3d files (matroska 3D-stereo) within stereo format flag.

+ Read parallax value stored in MPO images by Fujifilm cameras.

^ Anaglyph source formats now decomposed via GPU nor CPU (performance improvement).

^ Improved NVIDIA 3DVision output support (launch speed, 24-bit color quality and stability).

* Improved compatibility with recent FFmpeg API.

* FFmpeg binaries migrated to version 0.10.2 (Windows builds).

* Improved compatibility with BUGs in recent AMD Catalyst releases (Interlaced and Dual outputs).

* Fixed misprint in Mirror Output that cause Y-flip mis-function.

* Slightly improved compatibility with Safari browser on Windows (NPAPI plugin).

* Improved compatibility with Unicode file paths.

* Improved compatibility with another OpenAL implementations (Apple).

* Small fixes in Drag&Drop support on Linux (Nautilus compatibility).

* General improvements and fixes.

sView 2009

11.02 (2011-02-20)

+ Added Green/Magenta anaglyph filter.

+ New menu item to change GUI language.

+ Implemented changeable monitors configuration to allow configurations like AMD Eyefinity for advanced user.

+ 64bit version of NPAPI browser plugin now registered in Windows system too (to be used with 64bit Browsers like Firefox 3.6.3 x86_64).

* NPAPI browser plugin MIME-types list was extended with image/jps, image/pns and image/mpo (improve compatibility with some galleries).

* Small fixes of GUI elements.

* Fixed BUG that may cause significant slowdown of application GUI in some cases (long system inactivity).

* Demo image was updated.

* Fixed multichannel audio playback on the Linux distributives with modern FFmpeg version (Ubuntu 10.10+).

* Fixed errors that may cause OpenGL calls to release video memory when OpenGL context was already destroyed (may cause application crash on some OpenGL-drivers).

* Added more standard paths for standard fonts (Gentoo and Fedora).

* NPAPI-plugin now registered within DEB-package installation (notice: it is still not totally stable, you may consider to disable it in the browser settings).

10.11 (2010-11-14)

+ Added experimental diagnostics module (for stereoscopic displays calibration).

* Fixed left/right reversion for anaglyph and iZ3D outputs.

* Fixed video playback issue which may cause wrong FPS and seek problems for some videos.

* Fixed out-of-window mouse unclick problem on Windows.

* Improved compatibility with old GPU hardware without GL_RED texture support (YUV video playback).

* Hide slave window on Windows with only single monitor connected (Dual Output and iZ3D output).

10.08 (2010-08-22)

First official release.

9.05 (2009-05-24)

First public experimental version based on new code. Changes relative to sView 2008:

* New systems support: Windows Vista, Window7 and Linux Ubuntu.

* Internet Browser plugin for embedded stereo (supported NPAPI browsers).

* Audio/Video playback via FFmpeg and OpenAL libraries.

* Enhanced devices support list, output mode auto-detection mechanism (for some devices).

* GLSL (OpenGL shader language) and OpenGL2, speed up rendering on modern hardware.

* Mono output support (program now more universal!).

* Spheric panorama output (sphere - 'P' key).

* Better fit to the screen feature.

* Native Unicode support.

* Better multi-monitors configurations support.

* Module architecture, another developers could provide own stereo-devices support extensions.

* Drag&Drop support.

* No files count limit.

* Windows AMD64 builds.

* Language translations now loaded from external text files.

* New version scheme, Ubuntu-style.

* Better multi-threading support.

* A lot of user-friendly improvements.

sView 2008 (2008-01-11)

* Improved common-picture rotates for several stereo-outputs (for mirrored output still WRONG).

+ Added QuadBuffered stereo output (hardware accelerated). (2008-01-10)

* Improved extensions in open-file dialog.

* Walk-speed is changed to FAST at install.

+ Added another anaglyph algorithm.

^ Anaglyph and iZ3D modes were optimized.

- Removed halfcolor anaglyph mode. (2007-12-13)

+ Added walk-speed choice.

* Fixed second window position for Dual-window modes. (2007-12-13)

* Improved error handling.

* Improved iZ3D - default L/R were swapped.

* Improved iZ3D - back color for optimal.

0.4 (2007-12-08)

+ Menus were added (available in 2 languages: Russian and English due install process).

+ New stereo output modes are supported (Horizontal Mirror; Dual output; iZ3D; Anaglyph; mono).

+ Slide-show added.

* Main program icons are updated to fully support Vista OS.

* CPU load were decreased (just sleeps).

- Fullscreen modes were removed.

- BlueLine support was removed.

+ Many other improvements.

0.3.4 (3578)

* Fixed File Searching (last file).

* Improved some file-change routine.

0.3.4 (3374)

+ Add *.pns searching.

+ Now try to check OpenGL extension "wglSwapIntervalEXT" to force Vertical Sync ON (if possible).

^ Improved speed for load Images (for Images less Current Texture Size NO rescale).

^ Improved WinAPI BlueLine (now resolution checks).

* Use DevIL library for image decoding.

0.1.x (2007-06-04)

First public win32 alpha version without GUI. Key features:

. Render side-by-side stereo-pair for shutter glasses (software emulated Quadbuffered pageflip).

. Windowed and fullscreen output.

. Navigation through the image files in the current directory (next/previous).

. Keyboard control (hot-keys).

. In first prototype console calls to the IrfranView program were used to convert the image to BMP format.

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