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2014-09-26 sView for Android BETA

sView is now available on Android (4.0.3+) platform!

The functionality of mobile version corresponds to the desktop one with some useless options disabled.

Player can NOT be used with old stereoscopic smartphones HTC EVO 3D or LG Optimus 3D, since their displays can not be manually switched to stereo mode (these devices use API which is already deprecated by the vendors).

BETA version has following serious limitations (which should be fixed in final release):

  • NO power management.
  • NO interface for smartphones. Desktop interface fits only into plates screens.
  • NO multi-touch gestures support.
  • Some audio codecs are decoded incorrectly by used version of FFmpeg.
  • ARMv7 build only (build for Intel Atom will be available later).
  • NO open file dialog - files should be opened from existing file manager.
  • NO playback in background.
  • Other not yet known issues.

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